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[EA] Lottie

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for Lottie’s possible actions! Please know that it is in character and not directed towards […]

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Pegg’d Events | Social Event Calendar The iOS app Pegg’d Event is an ultimate Social Event Calendar helpful in tracking, […]

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Name: Gender: Caretaker: :dev:Markings: MistCustom: Deadly PinkMate: Personality: This Novoc does not have a gender yet.To claim this Novoc please […]

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Mallory is Mandy’s mirror counterpart from VileMega. Unlike Mandy who is in a social group with Bubbles, Gaz, and Olga, […]

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Edge Reference

Name – EdgeGender – FemaleAge – 19Element – PoisonWeapon – PistolPersonality/background – Edge is anti-social and doesn’t really like people. […]

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Dipper Ref

General Gender: MaleSpecies: Great DaneD.O.B: December 26Height: feral; 4′ anthro; 5’3″Personality: sleepy, hungry, lazy, over protective, awkward, anti-social, bipolar Likes […]

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Sweet Death 1. Origin of Filth

See the full version here with accompanying pictures -♥–♥–♥–♥–♥–♥–♥- “Celeste Bonnaire was fair, pleasing and possessed of extraordinary beauty, […]